I think that there is no better way to start this blog than to talk about the task of getting projects started and getting them done. It is very encouraging and yet discouraging to start an endeavor such as a blogging project. On one hand you have the hope of achieving your goals but on the other hand you have information telling you that most blogs fail and that it is impossible for most people to achieve success in this field.

I have to confess that I am actually not new to blogging and that I have had a few blogs, some of which are still active today and receive updates every week if not probably everyday. In the beginning you always have the impulse and the necessary ideas to write many posts and reach your audience but with time you get tired and writing posts seems more like an obligation rather than like something you would like to actually do. Other things suh as a job and family get your time and sitting down and getting things written seems like an unnecessary addition to your everyday life. Certainly the first problem comes when you realize that you are not achieving your goals as fast as you would want to and that every minute you put into getting things done actually ends up with little rewards.

This is absoultely true and certainly it shows that things are simply not easy and that much time and dedication is necessary to succeed in this – or for that matter in any other field- where there are some rewards worth taking. The fact is that worthy journeys are not easy and that few people have the qualities to reach the end. I can give you some advice to get there and talk to you about some of the problems you may encounter. Discouragement will definitely be a constant in the beginning and probably a few years of work with absolutely no significant reward may be necessary. What you need to do is focus on your long term goals and keep track of what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Take pride on your small goals and achievemnts and move step by step into the right direction.

Have in mind that the rewards of worthy projects will be big and that learning should become a constant and the fight with discouragement should be permanent. Yes, there will be times where you will feel despair and there will be times where you will feel that ending your project should be the way to go. However you must always think that to climb the Everest you need to do so step by step and that when you are starting a project you should think of every task as a means towards your end, even if your end won’t be in sight for a very long while.