When I first started to try to make life style changes that would improve my life one of the things I tried to change first was my diet. I knew deep inside that that sugar rich, fat rich diet wouldn’t get be anywhere health-wise and getting into the necessary steps to correct it was one of my first challenges towards a better life style. After going into several changes I started to wonder if I was walking the right path, was my diet healthy enough ? was my body getting all I needed ?

After reading a lot about healthy eating and looking at the effect of several different diet compositions in my body today I want to give you a few pointers so that you can evaluate if your current die is healthy or if you are falling into a diet deprived of some of the basic nutrient you need to have a healthy living. What are the five most important characteristics of a healthy diet ? During the next 5 paragraphs you will learn more about them and why they are absolutely necessary for any diet to be considered healthy.

1. A healthy diet contains fat. There is simply no healthy diet in the world that can work without fat. It is a fact that your body needs certain fatty acids to work correctly and having certain fats within your diet is beneficial to your health. However the important thing here is to pickup the right fats. Oils coming from fish and olives are very beneficial while others coming from Oreos, butter and red meats are not that great. If your diet contains some proportion of fat and this fat comes from healthy sources, then your diet can pass this check.

2. A healthy diet has sugars. Sugars and their polymers (complex carbohydrates) are absolutely essential for a healthy diet. Carbohydrates provide you the energy necessary for a healthy living and no diet can be called healthy if it has no sugars or carbohydrates. Again, the important thing is the source. Refined sugars and sources that are very sugar-rich without giving you additional nutrients are not good while sources like fruits, brown rice and starchy vegetables like carrots are great for your health. If your diet contains a good amount of this healthy carbohydrate sources, you can pass this check.

3. A healthy diet has fruit. It is not very easy to determine the ideal quantity of fruits that needs to be consumed by a healthy human but most estimates but it between 3 and 5 portions of fruit per day. Fruit not only provides you with sugars necessary for your metabolism but they also carry a wealth of minerals and vitamins that are essential to healthy living. The sugars in fruit are eaten with a myriad of healthy nutrients that make fruits a great and absolutely necessary part of any healthy diet.

4. A healthy diet has vegetables. It is impossible to eat a healthy diet if you are avoiding vegetables. This food source is important since vegetables provide you with a lot of essential minerals and fiber which is extremely important for the corrective functioning of your digestive system. Vegetables are very varied and you can eat them from spinach – which is very calorie deficient and calcium rich – to carrots which are rich in carotenoids and sugars. If your diet contains vegetables, then it is a step closer to being healthy.

5. No excess. I think that perhaps the most important characteristic of a healthy diet is that it contains everything in its fair proportion. A healthy diet cannot be made up of just fruits or just vegetables or just burgers, a healthy diet must contain all the nutrients necessary for your adequate growth. It is therefore very important for your diet to be balanced if you want it to be healthy. No diet based solely on protein, fats or sugars will be good for you and getting a little bit of everything necessary for your body is vital to achieve healthy eating.

In the end the road towards healthy eating is not that hard once you know where you need to get. You need to change your habits to achieve balance. If your diet is filled with unhealthy sugars and fats you simply need to change them to include what you are missing. Eat more vegetables, eat more fruits, eat your fats and sugars from healthier sources and sooner than you know you will be filling better, having more energy and wondering why you were eating all that fat and refined sugars in the first place. I hope this article was useful for those of you out there looking for healthier eating habits 🙂 Please leave a comment with your opinion !