If you took 10 people on the street and asked them what they would like to be, I think that most of them would definitely tell you that they want to be successful. Day after day, people look for information about how to succeed – how to make it – but most of them actually don’t truly understand what success implies or they have a wrong idea of what it is to be successful in life. On today’s article I want to write about this very important issue, specifically what I consider is the meaning of success in life and why most people have the wrong idea about what it is to be successful and how changing this conception will make people much happier and successful in their own lives.

What does it mean to be successful in life ? Certainly it is difficult to define what makes a person successful and other peopleĀ  losers but – in the end- the large majority of people view success as the acknowledgement of others that a person is successful. This means that in order for most people to consider themselves successful, there must be a general – even if tacit – acknowledgement of people considering them as such. Lets take – without any means to offend anyone – a hypothetical successful Rock star as an example. All people will – without a doubt – label him as successful because he achieved fame, fortune and a place within human history as a great musician.

Could you say that he was successful in life ? Definitely fame and fortune do not grant success in life, because success in life is something personal and does not depend on the approval of others. To be successful in life means that you are happy with who you are, you are happy with what you are doing and you have achieved a place where you simply wouldn’t trade yourself for anyone else. In the end, success in life is simply summarized as having lived happily. Does this need fame and fortune ? Does the general agreement that a person is successful makes a person successful in life ?

In the end, most of us have sometimes focused our energies on the production of money and wealth when in reality success does not have a lot to do with this factor. Certainly, in order to be happy, to enjoy things with the people you love and to achieve your dreams you will need money but money will be a vehicle towards your success in life and by no means your goal. People who have money are many times unsuccessful in life, they have lives plagued with depression, sadness, grief and loneliness. I also guarantee you that those who have money and happiness do not consider money the main source of their success in life. There are certainly a lot of things that money can’t buy that make a large amount of people successful in life, even if their peers would consider them average or unsuccessful.

Hopefully with the above words you will be able to reflect a little bit about your idea of success and what you think you should do to be successful. Definitely for me, success has come in several different areas (thankfully) and I consider myself successful in life as I work independently in an area I love -being limited only by my efforts and potential-, I have a great healthy relationship with a beautiful woman and I have a close group of family and friends who love me and appreciate me for who I am. All the money I have and what others think about me doesn’t make me successful, the fact that I am happy with my life and with the way in which I do things is what gives me that feeling.