It is not so uncommon to find people out there who are inside jobs they hate without even realizing it. We can go through extensive periods of time within a job we don’t like, struggling to find balance in our lives without achieving any significant improvements.  The reasons why we are able to do this are varied and go from habit to necessity but the reality is that no one should be working at a job they do not like as this only brings unhappiness and lack of fulfillment to that person’s life. So how do you know if you are working at a job you should instead be quitting ? On today’s post I will address what I consider the 10 most important signals that tell you that you shouldn’t be staying at your current job anymore.

Certainly it will not be easy for some people to realize this, while for others it will be a well-known truth. For the first set of people this post will encourage you to evaluate your current job situation while for the second group it will remind you of why you shouldn’t be working at your current job and hopefully it will encourage you to seek another line of work which is more rewarding for you or perhaps it will even encourage you to  seek  an independent career towards financial freedom. What are these signals that make a job situation unsustainable ?

1. You count the minutes till the day is over, almost everyday. When you are at a job in which you are often counting the time before you clock out it is definitely a strong signal that you shouldn’t be working at that place. You work about one third of the day, amounting to a large percentage of your life so why should this time be spent miserably ? Obviously if you count the minutes, it is time to count the minutes to quit instead.

2. You absolutely hate Sunday afternoons. Obviously most people do not like Sunday afternoon’s because they have to work the next day but for people who don’t like their jobs Sunday afternoons become nightmares that forecast the inevitable evil Monday ahead. If you find yourself wishing every Sunday that the next day was a holiday, then you shouldn’t be working at your current job.

3. You feel desperate for change. People who are at jobs they hate usually carry an important feeling of desperation for change within their lives. They strongly wish that they could live their lives in another way feeling that their current life is a disappointment and light years away from what they would have wanted for themselves. If you feel like you are not moving anywhere and you are desperate for change then it is probable that you should be looking for another job in your life.

4. You day dream frequently about another life. If you find yourself frequently thinking about a life you are not currently living but would want to live and you are not taking any specific action to get to that scenario then chances are that your current life situation is not a reflection of your dreams and hopes and you are simply using this day dreaming escapes to get away from harsh reality. If this is the case then look and your job and ask yourself what you could do to get to your true dreams.

5. You don’t like the people you work with. I believe that it is very important for you to feel well at your working place, if there are people surrounding you who don’t like you and you don’t like then chances are that working any job will be very difficult. I have known people who have been working jobs they love with people they hate and the end result always seems to be the same, stress and frustration starts to arise as a lack of needed social contact starts to arise. If you are working with people you don’t like, then chances are that another job – with other people – would be better for you.

6. You are working just for the money. Perhaps one of the most important reasons why someone should change their job is if they are working exclusively for the money. When you spend one third of your life working at something just because it gives you money you will feel a general lack of purpose in life because most the time you spend is simply going down the drain. It is obviously important to get paid for working but when that is your sole purpose when going to your job, something is wrong there.

7. Your current situation was temporary and is now permanent. When you got a job that you didn’t like because of a bad situation that you hoped would disappear and then – with time – you are still working that same temporary job, then it is probably good for your future if you consider changing your job which – to begin with – wasn’t supposed to be this permanent at all. It is not uncommon to find people working at jobs they hate because of a temporary situation that got extended, if your job was just a “temporary solution” that became permanent it is now time to find a true good long term solution.

8. Your commutes are endless. I have known some people who have worked jobs that they like that become unsustainable due to the fact that they have to drive 3 hours every day to get there. If you are spending 8 hours at a job and another 3 hours driving then your life is being spent on commutes which are simply not productive. Long commute times are a consequence of current city decentralization and they contribute extensively to lower life quality. If you cannot change your residence to live closer to your job then long commutes are definitely a reason to consider a job change.

9. There is no room for improvement or achievement. It is very frustrating when you work at a job in which you are limited by the actual structure and nature of your work. When you are working at a position that simply offers no promotions or you simply cannot find any achievements within your day to day work, then I would definitely consider quitting that job. It is very important for us – human beings – to have achievements in our lives to be happy in the long term. A job where achievements are simply not present or where there is nothing to work towards is simply a tomb for the human spirit.

I hope that with the above list you have been able to run a diagnosis and evaluate whether or not you should be considering a job change. Definitely it is not my objective to encourage people to quit their jobs immediately as they find that they are unhappy with them but if you do feel that you’re not happy with your job and there are several of the above signals present then you should consider to start to work on a separate solution towards either another job or an independent career where your potential and work will be the only limiting factors to your income and success.