If a person asked me what I consider the most important quality needed to achieve success, I would definitely say consistency. You can be charming, you can be intelligent, you can be whatever you want to be but if you do not have consistency then chances are that a person who is “less talented” but more persistent will inevitably do better than you. The power of consistency definitely lies in the fact that most things worth doing are difficult to do and take a lot of time and effort. Most people simply don’t have the patience and will power to get there and those who do – the consistent ones – get very high rewards for their persistent level of work.

How do you become a more consistent individual ? Within the next few paragraphs I will try to teach you a few exercises you will be able to do to increase your level of consistency. They may appear meaningless but they do train important psychological aspects that are vital to increase your persistence and your ability to really commit to the development of certain tasks. So keep reading and if you want to increase your level of consistency put some into practice and tell me what you think !

1. Buy a notebook and write a sentence everyday. The idea of this exercise is to commit yourself to do a repetitive task without giving up on it. The task appears to be meaningless but it is actually not. Go back after a few months and read the sentences and you will learn more about yourself. The idea is, everyday, not missing a single day.

2. Do any type of exercise for 5 minutes everyday. Whatever exercise you want but make sure it is some kind of physical activity. Jogging, doing sit-ups, crunches, jumping jacks or whatever you want but do it everyday. No excuses. Even this small period of exercise will do several good things for you. Besides introducing some physical activity it will also introduce the habit of exercise into your life. In the future, achieving a larger exercise routine might just be a matter of extending the current one. However the objective here is to introduce change, to make you do something you didn’t do before.

3. Everyday, when you wake up, write what you want to achieve that day on a piece of paper in 5-10 words. This exercise has several purposes, it will let you become goal-oriented as you will make everyday have some purpose and it will also create another positive habit which will help you achieve consistency. It is a great way in which you can increase your positive mentality and achieve goals in your life, it will most likely also make small tasks more achievable and give you a better perspective on what you are doing with your life.

4. If you fail to do the above, write the reason why. Sometimes you will fail to do any of the above things and – when you do – you should write using a single sentence why you didn’t follow up with the plan. You should write the real reason why you failed to follow through. In the end you will see that the reasons why you fail to do the above simple tasks are the same reasons why you betray your efforts and end up quitting on your long term goals or projects. This will help you learn more about yourself a lot more.

5. Buy a calendar, mark the days in which you fail and the days in which you are consistent with all the above. We all fail sometimes to be consistent and it is vital for you to understand why you are failing to be consistent and in what frequency you are failing to do so. This will help you see your faults and where you can improve. It will also make it OK to fall outside of consistency sometimes but it will show you with what frequency and – combined with No.4- the reasons why you do so.

As you see, improving consistency in a person’s life is simply a matter of building habits and evaluating the effectiveness of making and sticking with these changes. When you want to start that new business, write that book, lose that weight or learn that language, knowing how you behave when introducing new habits and what factors make you get out – and in what frequency – of your plans is very important in order for you to achieve what you want. Knowing what goes wrong, learning about yourself and correcting your mistakes is a vital part of becoming a more consistent and therefore a probably much more successful person.