It is true that the largest reason why we fail to achieve things in life is due to our lack of action. Why did you fail to get that woman you wanted ? Why do you have a weight problem ? Why are you working a job you hate ? It is simply a matter of not taking enough and pertinent action. Most of us have done this one or several times and we often like to blame other things for our problems but the truth is that the great majority of them are a complete cause of our total lack of proactive thinking.  On today’s post I want to write about this very important problem and how you can simply change your life by doing something simple : take action !

I think that life is filled with example of how people who take action succeed and people who fail just become endless actors in a play called “I hate my life”. It doesn’t take too much to see that this is the case most of the time. Look at where people who you admire are right now and think why you are not there. These people most likely did something that you simply didn’t do. They took action, when you simply stood there and did nothing. In my experience, life is not filled with spontaneous opportunities that will just come knocking on your door. A man won’t come to your office and say “do you want to have financial freedom ?” a wonderful woman won’t go to your door and say “would you marry me “?.

As a scientist one of the first things I ever learned is that there is something called the law of causality. When something happens, it has a consequence. When nothing happens, nothing happens. This is also reflected in our own lives. If you want to do something, then you actually have to do it. Do you want to become healthier ? wealthier ? happier ? what are you doing about it ? It is a matter of getting out of the “it won’t happen” to the “I’m going to make it happen” mentality. You have to realized that things don’t happen by themselves and if you want something to evolve in your life you will have to tackle it yourself, through action.

Of course, the important here is to understand that action is merely the first step. Once you start doing things you will have answers. So for example, if you want to open a coffee shop and you start to do research and you found that it is not economically feasible then you have done something. You researched, you found and answer. Now you need to continue taking action, should you change business model ? location ? It is a matter of becoming an action-oriented person, certainly things will not always go as you planned but you will always be doing something to get where you want to and in the end. Where there is action, there are consequences and achieving your goals will be a long term consequence of becoming active.

So what in the world are you waiting for right now ? You need to think about the things you want to do and who you want to be in your life and start to move yourself to where you want to be. In this world no one will go and do things for you and no one will care if you simply do nothing. In the end what you have to realize is that the truth is very simple, if you don’t do anything, nothing will change. If you do something and you keep doing things to get what you want, then things will change. Causality applies to your life, as it does to all the universe around us. Take action now !