Many of the problems we have within our lives are caused by an inherent lack of organization and order. Our future will depend on our present decisions and not taking into account this fact will ultimately lead you into a future you would have preferred to avoid. One of the most powerful ways to improve you life and feel better about yourself is to get through it with a global plan. On today’s post I want to talk about ways in which you can improve your life by planning ahead and how this concept can be applied to all the decisions you make in your life, from getting that burger, to buying that big house.

First of all, I want to make it clear that this is not about making you life a complete and utterly boring schedule where there is no room for improvisation and everything must go according to plan. This is actually not healthy and it will eventually lead you – unless you have a compulsive obsessive personality – into absolute boredom. What I am saying is that you should have goals in your life and actually do something about them. It is not about those goals you will never accomplish (like new year’s resolutions) but about settings yourself short, middle and long term projects you can achieve.

However, the truth is that most of us don’t have such patience and organization to setup a complete plan to go from A to B in small steps so it will actually take you a lot of effort just to sit down and visualize your plans. To begin, you should think what you want to achieve. If you for example want a new car then you should look into what you need to achieve that. For example, if you need 20K USD to get your new car then your goal will be to get that money during a fixed period of time, like one year. In order to achieve this goal you need to save about 1670 USD each month so figure out if this is a realistic plan or what things would need to be done everyday to achieve this goal.

One of the best ways to setup and achieve goals is to tie them up together. For example, if you want to get a new car and you also want to start a business then tie them together. In 2 years I want to have a business that has made enough money to buy me a new car. When you do this you will be accomplishing two goals at once and working for your first goals will also contribute towards the second. The important thing after this is to setup milestone achievements and to do small things to get to these goals.

The reason most people fail at achieving success when their start projects is the incredible quickness in which they quit. For this reason you need to cut your goals down into smaller goals to the point where you can achieve them constantly, this will bring you satisfaction and will keep you rolling towards your long term goals. Most os us usually underestimate the extent to wish we have to work or put up an effort to achieve what we want and having these small goals make larger, long term projects much more achievable.

Let us say for example that you want to start a business and sell crafts from home. If you set yourself to sell 1000 USD on your first month you will probably fail and feel frustrated while if you just set yourself a goal to sell one craft on your first month you may actually make it. It is a matter of making goals as small as possible so that they can be achieved within a one week/one month period while making them difficult enough so that you will have to work towards them. Every time you achieve a small goal set yourself a bigger small goal and also set yourself a medium term goal that bring all your small achievements together. For example, you would want to sell one craft the first month, two the second, three the next and then a total of more than 20 crafts during a 6 month period as a medium term goal. You will definitely see that the key to achieving long projects – as you may have heard several times – lies in the decomposition of tasks into smaller more manageable tasks which can be done and sustained in the long term.

Now applying this philosophy is not easy and it requires a lot of patience, a quality which is not very popular nowadays. You will have to be disciplined and you will always need to keep your focus in order to achieve the things you want. However in the end you will be able to achieve your long term desires and you will have lots of small achievements along the way to raise your self esteem. Also don’t get depressed when you aren’t able to achieve some small term goals, usually in the beginning we tend to overestimate our capabilities and that’s OK. The important thing, is not to quit.