I believe that one of the worst problems in today’s world is the large importance and priority people give to economical matters. Certainly most people know that money is not the key to happiness, then why do so many fail to apply this knowledge in their everyday life ? Today I will write a post about my perception about the importance of money and what I have learned is the key to living in a healthy relationship with this so called “mother of all evil”. What is the true importance of money and how can you improve your life by changing your views on this matter ?

Money is simply a tool used in society for the acquisition of  either services or goods. Having financial power means that you are able to do whatever you want and this is why many people believe that money is key to achieve happiness. Money is actually not a key towards happiness but a way towards freedom and freedom is what most people desperately want. Many people want to wake up and be able to do whatever they want, spend time with their family whenever they want and do all the things they have ever wanted to do.

However it would be simplistic to say that money alone gets you freedom, and freedom alone gets you happiness. Humans are very complex and true happiness comes from true meaning rather than from certain particular life conditions such as wealth or freedom. The key to changing your relationship with money so that you are no longer its slave but its master requires you to take a new look on life and reach a point where you can look and see true meaning.

Without a doubt – if the meaning of your life is to make money – you will be terribly unhappy regardless of the amount of money and freedom you have. You need to have find something that gives meaning to your life and this will bring you both money and freedom. However I don’t mean that you need to have just one “true goal” like curing cancer or something of that sort. What I mean is that every area of life should have a particular meaning. For example, if you are working a meaningless job you hate, then take the steps to make money from something you love. When you do something you love you will get more money and this will allow you to have more freedom but you will already have a lot more freedom because you will not feel your job is an endless daily commute to hell.

Changes like this to every area of your life will bring huge improvements and you will find that it is not the amount of money you have but the meaning of all the aspects of your life what ultimately brings you happiness. That is why someone can be happy plowing a field and someone can be unhappy with a big fortune. It is not money nor freedom what brings you happiness, it is the actual sense of meaning and purpose that your life has for you.