I have seen many times that people hire professionals to do their “everyday” tasks because they don’t have “enough time” and need to focus on their work/career. Often people will hire a gardener, maid, butler, janitor, etc because they do not want to do simple tasks and need the time to do other things they would rather be doing. People would rather watch 2 hours of TV than to do some chores because simply watching television is doing “nothing” while house work certainly feels like work. On today’s post I want to write a little bit about my experience with daily work and why I believe that this often “meaningless” and repetitive tasks help people in a much bigger way than what they think.

So why do we hate menial tasks ? Often you will find that nobody enjoys to do things that need to be done everyday. Few people like to cook lunch/breakfast everyday, make their beds, clean their bathrooms, tend to their gardens, etc. You will effectively find that as people reach more economically comfortable positions they will hire entire crowds of people to take care of all these jobs. They will often reduce their activities to the smallest possible level,  getting into a cycle of work/relaxation in which their careers or jobs take most of the day while the relaxation part is enjoyed in the evenings and usually takes the form of  “going out”, “watching television”, “playing games”, etc.

Now, I am not saying that everyone should be cleaning their toilets instead of going to the movies but I believe that a certain amount of  “menial tasks” within any one’s life is good for several things. First of all,  there is a very important exercise benefit around these tasks. Many people who live sedentary lives could introduce some exercise if they simply did some chores around. For example mopping a floor or doing a vacuuming day every week can definitely help people get some cardio and in the long term reduce the like hood of heart disease and other obesity related problems. In fact, mopping a floor can burn 300-400 calories in an

The second plus refers to the fact that you are getting things done when you do these tasks. Cleaning a whole room or having a beautiful garden fruit of your own work is a ton times more rewarding than having these things done for you. Think about what contributes more to your life, sitting laid on a couch for the whole afternoon or getting somethings done (which have to be done anyway) and improve both your physical shape and your emotional status.

Then there is also the social aspect of doing these tasks. Definitely one of the best benefits you get from doing menial tasks comes when you do this job with someone else. It is very rewarding to cook lunch with your family or friends, even washing a floor or cleaning those gutters may bring you a lot of conversation and a lot of interaction that you simply wouldn’t get around other activities. You are also helping them have the above two benefits and you are most likely not spending 1% of what you would be spending if you were going out to do something else. I remember that painting a wall with a friend I had a few years ago was one of the funniest experiences I have ever had !

So definitely even though menial tasks are not what most people would “want to do” you can certainly look into these tasks in another way. Think about them as small projects that will bring you satisfaction and that will help you achieve a very good list of benefits. I am not saying that you should give all your free time away to these menial tasks but next time you have to wash those dishes or mop that floor I certainly hope you do so under a different light 🙂