In today’s world filled with misery and sadness sensible people usually ask themselves what they could be doing to make things better. However the easiest attitude towards the suffering of other human beings – an attitude sadly taken by most people – is ignoring the matter and pretending that people who need help form part of some odd paralell world and that their suffering is not your concern. Certainly if you have this attitude you would be right, it is not your problem in the sense that you did nothing to cause these people their suffering and you have no responsibility regarding their current condition. However most human beings do feel an urge to act, an urge to make things better and to make the suffering stop.

On today’s post I want to write a little bit about what you could do to do that. I write this post because I was also in your shoes once and I knew deep inside I wanted to help but the task seemed overwhelming and every little possible thing I could do simply seemed like dropping some ink into the ocean. This is the reason why I developed this small list compiling five very easy things you can do to help fellow human beings in need:

1. Sponsor a Child . This is something very simple which goes from 20-30 USD per month and provides coverage for the basic educational and nurturing needs for a child. By sponsoring a child you are simply making a difference for one human being. If every human being did the same for another, then things would be very different. I can promise you that you will get a lot of satisfaction and joy from this endeavour and you will certainly feel that your money was more than well spent.

2. Give some of your skills for free. Around your community or in your country there may be a group of people who are in need of something you can do. If you are a doctor, a janitor, a scientist or whatever skill you have it is very probable that a community in need may find your help very useful. If you provide some of your time for free you may be helping much more than what you think. Taking your family to help you help will also raise awareness from them and help your children better understand that not everyone is as priviliged as they are.

3. Teach for free. Most people who have had some sort of technical or academic formation can actually teach whatever they have learned to other people for free and this transmition of knowledge towards less privileged people is one of the most important things you can do. No one can steal knowledge from you and every time you teach something to someone you are giving them a jewel of inmense value. So next time you want to help you can think about going to a community college or to a school that needs your help and keep a couple of free classes. It will give you a lot of satisfaction and it will give people something that no one will ever take away from them.

4. Generate jobs. I think that the best active action you can take to help less fortunate people is to give them something that makes them feel worthy and important, a job does this perfectly. Not only do people who work are productive but they have a fixed income and enjoy a much healthier life style. One of the best ways to help people is to generate jobs and give them to those who need them the most. If in your business or at your own house, always try to make some room on the jobs you hire to take into account less fortunate people.

5. Generate awarness. I think this is one of the most important aspects of helping others. Make others help others. Even if you do your best to help people, certainly this will feel like a drop of water filling an olympic pool unless you get others to follow in your foot steps. It is important not to be pushy but to inform people about the options that exist and tell them how they can help too. If you were able to get 3 people to sponsor a child and you sponsor one yourself then you will have helped four children, then imagine if those 3 people got another 2, in no time there will be a large group of children who – with a high like hood – would have never had a chance in life in it hadn’t been for you.

I hope that you find some of these options useful. I can tell you that I have done all of them and I consider that they have helped the people that have reached them to a great extent, so what are you wainting for ? There are a lot of people out there who could benefit from another good person helping them out. It is truly certain that one person will not be able to end world hunger and misery but certainly if we all did something this world would be a lot different. :o)