I have tried to get into a healthier life style several times in the past and up until the last few months I hadn’t been able to achieve true changes in my routine. Through this process I found out that one of the most important reasons why I wasn’t able to complete this task is because I started too big. Many of us want to make healthier life style changes but we can almost never keep up with them because they represent a total divergence from our previous life style. Most of you should be familiar with that “healthier diet” that never became a reality and that “gym membership” that was only used for a few days.

My objective with today’s post is to help you guys achieve what I have been able to do up until now, introduce some very small life style changes which over time allow me to be a lot healthier and reach that long term goal of being a healthy and fit person. Of course, this changes are small but very meaningful and you should make them an integral part of your life style, by starting this small and then progressively increasing during a few years you will be able to become a healthier and happier person. So what are these small but potentially live saving routine changes ? Keep reading to learn more 🙂

1. Eat one fruit portion every day. It certainly sounds like nothing and this could be something many of you are already doing but for those of you who are in a romantic relationship with junk food, this will be a true life style change. Just eat whatever fruit you want, but eat one every single day. Eat an apple, an orange, a tangerine, a portion of pineapple, any fruit you like. Just eat a single fruit everyday. Not too hard, and definitely in the road towards a healthier life.

2. Go around the block. This is a very small step to introduce the routine of doing some exercise everyday. For starters just walk around the block- whenever you want- just once every day. Certainly it may feel like a waste of time and effort but you are doing something to introduce exercise into your life. In a few months you will already have exercise in your mind and you will be able to jog around the block or start to bike a few miles, it is not so much about doing the actual exercise but about forming the mindset to make this a true routine change.

3. Take the long way. If you live in an apartment building or if you need to get some groceries then walk instead of using your elevator or car. Every time you need to get something done which could be done walking instead of driving, then give it a shot. Many people use the car for many meaningless tasks when they could bike or walk just as easily. Start with a single change (for example take the stairs instead of the elevator) and then change your routine in such a way that all these tasks that could be done walking are done this way.

4. Write down what you want. Everyday – as soon as you get out of bed- write down in a piece of paper what you want to achieve in the long term. For example write “I want to be healthy” or “I want to be fit”, etc. This small psychological exercise is quite powerful in the sense that it won’t let you forget what you are doing and the reason why you are doing it. You will find that you will remember your goal everyday and each small step will contribute to your arrival.

5. Drink a glass of water after every meal (even if you drank something else during the meal). Most people are chronically dehydrated and getting used to drinking an additional glass of water after every meal will most likely do wonders to most people’s metabolism. If you are on a salty diet rich in processed foods then chances are that you are not reaching your adequate water intake requirements and having this glass of water after each meal will be great. In no time you will see that you will get used to this practice and you will already be feeling healthier and more energetic.

These are the small steps I took in order to achieve true routine changes in my life. I ate the fruit, took the walk, wrote the paper, drank the water and took the stairs as much as I could and I did find out that changes started to show in the way I felt and in the way I looked. Now I was able to increase all the above steps to achieve further goals and I can say with great joy that I have been doing at least 40 minutes of spinning every day 🙂 not bad for someone who is just starting his road towards a healthy and fit life style ! I will let you know about all the other changes and the steps to take them to the next level in a future post.